Loparo Lab News

Summer 2018

Keep an eye out for Thomas and Sean's manuscript on the role of XLF in NHEJ appearing in NSMB soon!

Summer 2018

Postdoc fellowships galore! Congrats to Andrew on receiving an ACS fellowship, Yufan for receiving the BCMP-Merck fellowship and Sean for receiving an NIH F32 fellowship.

Fall 2017

Congrats to Lizz on her recent Nature Communications paper examining the localization of Pol IV in E coli cells! 

Spring 2017

Linda's ParB paper is published in NAR. Congrats, Linda!

Fall 2016

Sean Carney joins the lab as a postdoc. Welcome Sean!



Summer 2016

Joe is promoted to Associate Professor of Biological Chemistry and Molecular Pharmacology.

Summer 2016

Congrats to Andrew who was awarded a Merck-BCMP postdoctoral fellowship!

Winter 2016

Two new papers accepted. Congrats to Thomas on his Mol Cell paper and Linda on her Nature Communications paper!

Winter 2016

Welcome to Andrew Moreno, the newest postdoc in the lab!

Fall 2015

Congrats to James on successfully defending his thesis and on the acceptance of his paper at Nucleic Acids Research!

Fall 2015

Congrats to HyeongJun! His paper on the bacterial SMC was accepted in Nature Communications.

Summer 2015

Wendy's paper is featured in a Faculty of 1000 profile.

Summer 2015

Congrats to Lizz on the funding of her F32 fellowship!

Spring 2015

Two new papers accepted in Developmental Cell and Biophysical Journal! Congrats to Wendy and Allen.



Winter 2015

Congrats to Linda on getting two papers accepted! 

Spring 2014

Our work on translesion polymerase exchange, recently published in PNAS, is written up in a Faculty of 1000 profile.

Spring 2014

Our article in Genes & Dev on the molecular mechanism of ParB spreading is on the cover and is featured in a commentary by Barbara Funnell.

Spring 2014

Congrats to James and Thomas! Our work on polymerase exchange during translesion synthesis and the molecular origins of ParB spreading will be appearing in PNAS and Genes & Dev, respectively very soon.

Fall 2013

Welcome to Lizz, Johanne and Zaw! Lizz Thrall is our new postdoc. She joins us after completing her doctoral work at Columbia. Johanne Morch Jensen will be with us for a few months as a visiting graduate student and Zaw Htet is a rotating biophysics student. 

Fall 2013

Joe wins the BBS graduate teaching award!

Fall 2012

Welcome to our new lab members Seungwoo Chang (belated!) and Johannes Wilbertz. Seungwoo joins us from UT Southwestern where he was a graduate student with Elliot Ross. Johannes is a visiting master's student from the University of Groningen. 

June 2012

It was an eventful spring. Jacob and Linda have officially joined the lab. Joe received junior faculty awards from the Armenise - Harvard Foundation and the Stewart Trust. Thanks to both of these organizations for their support!

April 2012

Congrats to Jacob on receiving an NSF fellowship and welcome to Linda Song who is beginning a lab rotation!

March 2012

Joe receives an NSF CAREER award! This support will help fund our efforts investigating the bacterial chromosome. 

January 2012

Welcome to Jacob Sargent who is beginning a rotation in the lab!

November 2011

Joe receives a Smith Award for Excellence in Biomedical Research. This award will help fund our efforts investigating the action of translesion polymerases. Thanks to the Smith Family Foundation!


HyeongJun Kim has joined the lab as a postdoctoral fellow. Welcome HyeongJun!

Spring 2011

James is awarded an NSF graduate fellowship. Congrats!